Our books

The TV President
Elise Valmorbida

In a re-enactment of the 1963 Dallas motorcade for a reality TV show, one JFK lookalike is killed and another injured. The unhinged widow and the wounded survivor, both disguised in black burqahs, drive from Dallas to Detroit in a gold SUV to hear a murderer’s confession. Part mystery, part road-movie, The TV President offers a wholly original and blackly funny switchback ride fueled by an unholy mix of celebrity, democracy and reality TV.     [more]

The Winding Stick
Elise Valmorbida

A solitary cashier in an all-night garage is haunted by visions of real life and death, but is unable to intervene… until dramatic events force him to venture beyond his limits. He stumbles into hope, love, true insight – and Tamil London, where the hidden stories of others come to light. Written with compassion, suspense and poetic verve, The Winding Stick is a novel that explores dislocation and delusion, but becomes bright with possibility and love.     [more]

The Book of Happy Endings
Elise Valmorbida

This is a collection of life-affirming stories about couples who met and fell in love. So you know the endings already. Or do you? There is nothing predictable here. The storytelling is inspired, at once poetic and real. The style is deceptively simple and the themes are international. Love is old and young. Love breaks through borders.     [more]

The Double Happiness Company
Anne Aylor

Ballet-mad Katie Rivers lives in a small border town in New Mexico with her eccentric half-Cherokee mother, wisecracking father and Kawasaki-crazy brother who calls her a ‘weirdnik in a tutu’. Katie escapes from her family and boring hometown into the hothouse world of professional dance. Her single-mindedness takes her from a desert backwater to the dance capital of the world. The Double Happiness Company is a poignant, funny novel about fat, fate and ballet.     [more]

No Angel Hotel
Anne Aylor

For most of us, there is one person we can never stop loving. For Elkie Bonner, a grocer’s daughter from Northern Ireland, it’s Ivan Packenham, the sophisticated son of a local landowner. He asks her to ‘run away’ with him to London. Once there, he neglects her. After a disastrous holiday together, he disappears, sending her postcards which arrive with no return address. Elkie struggles to forget him, takes lovers, becomes engaged. Then Ivan sends her another postcard.     [more]

Curvy Lovebox
Nick Barlay

‘The music’s still pumpin’ out the PA as DJ Loopi DexDex makes his last stand…’ So begins 24 hours of pain and madness and laughter in the underbelly of the Big Smoke. Fifteen years after it was first published, Nick Barlay’s out-of-print cult classic is back. It’s 4am. The clock is ticking.     [more]

Matilde Waltzing
Elise Valmorbida

Matilde Manin leaves behind her Old World to discover a New World at a time when the whole world is being changed by Depression and War. From her childhood in Northern Italy to her death in Melbourne, Matilde’s off-key life unravels in ways which echo the unsettling hagiography of the bizarre Saint Barbara. This is an astonishing, entertaining and moving story. Moments of magical realism break the boundaries of conventional fiction.     [more]