The Winding Stick

The Winding Stick book coverA solitary cashier in an all-night garage is haunted by visions of real life and death, but is unable to intervene… until dramatic events force him to venture beyond his limits. He stumbles into hope, love, true insight – and Tamil London, where the hidden stories of others come to light. There’s Kandy (a sex worker and psychology student), The Whistling Woman and, most important of all, the mysterious garage manager Siva. Written with compassion, suspense and poetic verve, The Winding Stick is a novel that explores dislocation and delusion, but becomes bright with possibility and love.

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Praise for The Winding Stick

“This book is a literary classic in the making and you should read it as soon as you can. More please from Ms Valmorbida.”
—Anne Brooke, Vulpes Libris

“An original and compassionate study of changing social structures.”
—Rajes Bala

“Valmorbida’s enigmatic plot is matched by an equally obscure structure and slick, musical language. The book’s swinging tempo and shifting points of view make for a challenging though worthwhile read.”
Scottish Review of Books

“A beautifully written, hauntingly crepuscular story about the margins of society, tough and tender and full of brilliant images that stay with you. Highly readable, highly recommended.”
—Roger Horberry

“Amazing ideas and beautifully written. Really compulsive reading.”

“A classic in the making, with a compelling narrative and stunning prose. The story weaves an occasional magical journey to a compelling climax, touching on the metaphysical and questioning the nature of friendship. Highly recommended.”
—Amazon, USA

“Written with compassion, suspense and verve, The Winding Stick is a story of London’s immigrants: a novel that explores dislocation and delusion, but becomes bright with possibility and love.”
—Sharon Blackie