17 August 15

Nearly 20 years after it was first published, and acclaimed – and bizarrely lost – Elise Valmorbida’s debut novel Matilde Waltzing has been reincarnated. At BareBone Books we say thank God, or Saint Barbara of the Apparition, for the technological revolution.

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Publication date: 14 August, 2015

Another beginning for The Book of Happy Endings

14 February 14

The Book of Happy Endings front coverAfter being translated into Korean, German and Serbian, this popular collection of ‘True stories about finding love’ has now been translated into a Kindle ebook.  The remarkable black and white photographs that lead into each chapter have been preserved, making Elise Valmorbida’s first ebook almost as much of a pleasure to dip into as its hardcover sibling.

Look inside the book on Amazon’s website or read our full description.

Curvy Lovebox available again

7 May 13

Fifteen years after it appeared in print, we republish Nick Barlay’s first novel as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle.

To read an excerpt, visit the author’s site

No Angel Hotel new audio excerpts

7 May 12

We are pleased to be able to offer 2 new audio excerpts of our second publication, No Angel Hotel. Joyce Greenaway reads Chapters 1 and 10 of this passionate novel about an obsessive love affair. A reviewer said of this modern-day Anna Karenina: ‘Think of it as a Tolstoy novel with all the boring parts missing.’ For the full US Kindle edition review, click here. For more information about this novel, click here.

No Angel Hotel

5 March 12

Due to the success of The Double Happiness Company, BareBone Books has reissued Anne Aylor’s first novel. When No Angel Hotel was first published, it was compared to the novels of Jean Rhys and received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

No Angel Hotel has a striking new cover, designed by Line of Sight in Toronto. This new, completely revised edition is available in paperback and as an eBook.

‘Anne Aylor’s first novel is a finely crafted and moving exploration of the youthful pain and the lasting passion of love. She tells the tale of Elkie, a working-class girl from Northern Ireland and her affair with a sophisticated intellectual, Ivan, “like Count Vronsky with dark hair”. Ivan’s interest is casual and self-indulgent, but Elkie, misunderstanding and in love, wants to go off with him. In a moment of frustration, Ivan agrees. What follows is a series of drab rented rooms, brief visits, a fading hope of marriage, a dozen years of nothing but occasional postcards, and then a final, fateful postcard.’ —WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD

KTEP studio interview with author Anne Aylor

30 August 11

The National Public Radio Station KTEP, which is based in El Paso, Texas, wanted a second interview with novelist Anne Aylor about her book, The Double Happiness Company, which is largely set in the borderlands of the American Southwest. Hear her 14-minute conversation with presenter Mónica Gómez:

Author interview: National Public Radio

2 May 11

Multi-talented author and dancer, Anne Aylor, talks about her new novel, The Double Happiness Company, on KTEP, El Paso’s National Public Radio Station’s “State of the Arts” programme. Hear her 8-minute interview:

Radio interviews: The Double Happiness Company

3 March 11

Author Anne Aylor has been interviewed recently on BBC Radio Solent speaking about her new book, The Double Happiness Company. To hear further interviews on Manx Radio or Radio Talk Europe, click here.

Talk Radio Europe interview with Anne Aylor

6 February 11

Our first author interviewed about The Double Happiness Company, a great book club read.

Our first review

17 December 10

The December issue of Dance Europe contains this perceptive review by Deborah Weiss about our first publication. We are honoured The Double Happiness Company was the only book chosen for review in the magazine’s fifteenth anniversary edition.  To view our 2.38-minute video trailer, click here.

The Double Happiness Co, Chapter 4, new audio excerpt

29 October 10

In this chapter of DHC, our debut publication, Katie Rivers, a ballet-mad teenager from a small town in New Mexico, comes face to face with the fierce Madame Feodorova. This demanding teacher has produced dozens of professional dancers, dazzling Katie who’s only studied with a cotton farmer.

This new recording of Chapter 4 features Madeleine Potter who has appeared in many films, including The Bostonians, The White Countess and The Golden Bowl. ‘Acrobat of God’ was directed by Tom Platten of Gilt & Grime. Recording engineer: Nico Bentley

How we got our name

13 August 10

Years ago, my wife stumbled across the longest, and most unusual, name she’d ever come across. It was that of an English leather merchant and Puritan preacher, Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Praise-God Barebone.

At the time, I was producing a film for BBC Arena about the role of artists in war. My new production company needed a name and Barebone Films was born. When setting up this press, I decided to resurrect the name, christened after the man who gave his surname to the Barebone’s Parliament of the English Commonwealth of 1653.

Welcome to BBB. And don’t worry. We’re a lot friendlier than our brimstone-eyed namesake!

Spotlight on Anne Aylor

9 August 10

Anne Aylor has had short stories published by the Arts Council of Great Britain, The Literary Review, London Magazine and Stand Magazine. She was twice an award winner in the Dixon-Ward Short Story Competition and an excerpt from her first novel, No Angel Hotel, was a winner in the BBC Radio 3 Short Story Competition. No Angel Hotel was published in the UK by HarperCollins and in the US by St Martin’s Press (title: Angel Hotel). The BBC have broadcast a number of Anne’s short stories, including one which became a chapter in The Double Happiness Company. In 2008 she was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize with her story, ‘The Speed of Dark’ .

Her stage play, Children of the Dust, won a playwrighting award and was staged by the Soho Theatre and the Theatre Warehouse, Croydon (director: Terry Johnson). Her recent play, The Trainer, had a rehearsed reading in May 2009 at the Hackney Empire with Corin Redgrave, Tim Pigott-Smith, Roger Lloyd Pack and Janie Dee (director: Tom Platten).

She is the founder of Anne Aylor Creative Writing Courses which offers workshops in the UK and abroad. Anne has danced with the Oakland Ballet, worked in the Big Apple at the Salvation Army Trade Department, sold brass and wind music of the 17th and 18th centuries and practiced as an acupuncturist. Several years ago she gave up needles to concentrate on writing. She loves to teach because it doesn’t involve high maths or high heels.

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and genius

7 August 10

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat Pray Love which became a worldwide publishing phenomenon. In this TED talk she riffs about many things: the fear of success, about genius (what it meant in ancient Rome and how its meaning has changed), how Tom Waits reacted when the words to a new song came to him when he was driving. And most importantly, why the Spanish say Olé. Well worth 19 minutes of your time.