News March 2012

No Angel Hotel

5 March 12

Due to the success of The Double Happiness Company, BareBone Books has reissued Anne Aylor’s first novel. When No Angel Hotel was first published, it was compared to the novels of Jean Rhys and received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

No Angel Hotel has a striking new cover, designed by Line of Sight in Toronto. This new, completely revised edition is available in paperback and as an eBook.

‘Anne Aylor’s first novel is a finely crafted and moving exploration of the youthful pain and the lasting passion of love. She tells the tale of Elkie, a working-class girl from Northern Ireland and her affair with a sophisticated intellectual, Ivan, “like Count Vronsky with dark hair”. Ivan’s interest is casual and self-indulgent, but Elkie, misunderstanding and in love, wants to go off with him. In a moment of frustration, Ivan agrees. What follows is a series of drab rented rooms, brief visits, a fading hope of marriage, a dozen years of nothing but occasional postcards, and then a final, fateful postcard.’ —WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD