The TV President
Elise Valmorbida

The TV President book coverIn a re-enactment of the 1963 Dallas motorcade for a reality TV show, one JFK lookalike is killed and another injured. The unhinged widow and the wounded survivor, both disguised in black burqahs, drive from Dallas to Detroit in a gold SUV to hear a murderer’s confession. Part mystery, part road-movie, The TV President offers a wholly original and blackly funny switchback ride fueled by an unholy mix of celebrity, democracy and reality TV.

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Praise for The TV President

“Elise Valmorbida’s strange and timely novel is… most concerned to show how far people will go in a bid to run away from themselves, and how skilfully this desire is courted by corporations… luridly entertaining fiction.”
Times Literary Supplement

“Part mystery, part road-movie, The TV President offers a wholly original and blackly funny switchback ride.”
—Charles Boyle

“Valmorbida has a writing style that draws you in to the many characters you come across on the journey, and you can’t help but think that something like this could really happen. That feeling of reality in part must stem from the author’s research, during which she went on a road trip from Dallas to Detroit.”
Angel Magazine

“This self-contained satire, where intelligent devils have been surgically planted in every detail, deserves more readers.”
Reeling & Writhing, Austlit

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17 August 2015

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